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Meditating on the beach is the best!

Meditation is for Everyone

Hello, my name is Lisa Jaffee. As a full-time Mom, Wife, Employee. etc.,  I frequently felt overwhelmed and stressed out. The stress would carry over into all areas of my life and I would often take it out on the people I love most.  I often felt that I was not fully present for my husband, kids, family, co-workers and just rushing around all the time in an effort to get all the items on my “to do list” done.

Then I began meditating, and now I remember to just pause and breathe. I make better choices and my responses to life’s difficulties are less reactive and more reflective.  Through regular meditation practice, I have become more aware of the present moment and all that it brings. The judgmental side of my nature appears much less and I recognize that my future is generated by the choices I make right now.  I ask my heart for guidance and notice if my choices are nourishing and getting me closer to the things that are most important to me.

By continuing to practice, these days I am able to teach others about generosity, patience, kindness, open heartedness, caring, affection, appreciation, love and how to manifest their desires. Now, there are days that the laundry might not get done and there are still items on the "to do list” and that's okay.

Reach out to me if you would like to learn to meditate.

I would like to express my gratitude to some of my teachers including: The devoted teachers and staff at Yogasphere,  Davidji,  Sally Miller and the people I encounter everyday who touch my life.

How Meditation Can Help You

 If the definition of stress is how we respond when our needs are not met, then meditation can be viewed as the antidote to stress. After many years of speculation and skepticism, meditation has now been scientifically proven to lower our heart rate; slow and deepen our breathing; increase our growth and sex hormones; suppress cortisol, glucagon, and adrenaline; boost our immune system; help us manage pain; expand our sense of well-being; and slow the fluctuations of our mind, easing the nonstop swirl of thoughts.

Read more about the newest scientific news on meditation.

See the Difference

If you are seeking a life filled with more moments of presence, calm, clarity and happiness reach out to me and I will teach you to meditate and help you find a regular meditation practice that fits your life.

To the left is a photo of our Fall 2018 graduating class wherein we completed our Deeper Still Advanced Teacher Training with Davidji.

Scientific Benefits of meditation

I thank all my teachers


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